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Other World - Metropolis LIVE at Royal Albert Hall
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Dmytro Morykit
62c25d2ed2cfb272827c30063fb7ea35281a2563 Gathered Stones Album 2019
11ecec47b1a4af237b81d16fa2b0568b39d0f1bc Land of Spectres Album 2019
Fe58cd68b2ea6b38151cdff522329690096f5f6f Chariots of Fire Theme Single 2018
B6cd74fae7744b208e5d30bcd7a3d9d77e7dfcf0 A Yorkshire Eulogy Single 2018
35932f4173051121232bea5c0fe9283d4c22d3b7 Life on Mars (Instrumental) Single 2017
A909a9d398cf84d12c1a4abc2e8aa951649746d7 Lay Lady Lay - Piano Single 2017
C693f9929099217ba6f3b1e9a032129132e9f661 Nocturne C-Sharp Minor No. 20 (The Pianist) Single 2017
84241f153231ab4d2d00a7ec90a698f872083c08 The Laughter of Mothers Single 2017
11c73c787ff47e38fa948bcbf92678a4a2a37d5d Love in a Cold Climate Album 2016
59cc3ddafde51cf41ccc725075148b09527e3f63 Classic Metropolis LIVE (2016) Album 2016
D6d664be40195a5b627ac2e0d652c14656e356af Best Piano Covers (two) Album 2015
7f6d1b9a2e123926d122ea4eab444bb296973925 Bach time for Babies Album 2015
1df235d0eafc3502f5669b2a3880484bc9ce3908 Glen Suite Single 2015
0d9ef3c11890913b1a9734642a616b468846484e Nosferatu LIVE Album 2015
3130c06ce7ec5453bcad151d2bbdd362396426de Classic Satie on Piano Album 2015
011e18c440e32bed645dedada86db8662f834e0f Metropolis, piano score (2014) Album 2014
267347d9326deb86dce5dec8281a5859366a357b Summer Snow Single 2014
9e6685e97eb15f305fd31f671ea17631053cd83d Best Piano Covers Album 2013
40a8a34839b0dd742132ee580cccb43445eb40df Morykit plays Brel and two homages (on piano) Album 2013
David Bowie, Elton John, Guns n' Roses, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Gary Jules, Michael Andrews, Procul Harum
2d68ec37211ae76aa3973bef1667fd8a464b44c0 Awesome Rock on Piano Album 2017
Gaeta Music
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Summer Snow featuring Steve Kettley Album 2014
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Hazel Cameron
Hazel Cameron
Press Text
Morykit has created an incredible new piano concert which dances alongside the iconic film, Metropolis.

The dramatic theatre of the solo piano concert alongside Lang's iconic imagery provides an inspirational evening of film and sound.

"Seriously, you provided the score for the film I have watched 50+ times yet I was riveted."

"Did I say that watching @dmytromorykit doing a live score for Metropolis is one of the musical highlights of my life?"

"Saturday’s performance was FANTASTIC - CONGRATULATION – my children Beatrice 14 and Sacha 12 were mesmerised. A well deserved STANDING OVATION - BRAVO! " Helen Molchanoff

Metropolis is a silent film by Fritz Lang regarded as a masterpiece. Set in a futuristic Urban Dystopia, it is among the most influential films of all time. Morykit performs his spectacular new score live for two hours without improvisation. The premier received a standing ovation to a sell-out audience in London and beyond.

Dmytro was born in the UK to Ukrainian/Italian parents who were displaced from their respective countries after the second world war. He never felt truly comfortable with any of those cultures and therefore used music in his search for an identity. He says his compositions belong to their own genre, one of an 'Other World.'

"Morykit’s score may be modern, yet it has a timeless quality that might contribute to Metropolis being embraced by a wider contemporary audience."

"...this relatively modest musician has written a beautiful work that sits comfortably amongst gods."

"... don't pass up the chance to see/hear it!"