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Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder absolutelynothing(today) Single 2020
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder troiskilometres Single 2020
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder The Calling Single 2018
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Song for Celine Single 2017
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder White Socks Single 2017
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Are We an Electric Generation Falling Apart? Album 2017
RBK Fusion
Wido Von Wienskowsky
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Matija – ecstasy meets melancholy.

An invitation to reflect and at the same time to sing along at the festival after seven beers. Matija deliver soundtracks for special moments.

“I did absolutely nothing today/ It was the best day that I ever had”

They write their music about personal topics that allow and demand their own interpretations. About feelings like home, love and interpersonal relationships. But also about introspective moments like loneliness and insecurity, always paired with inspirations from art, literature and film.

The musical centre is formed by the characteristic vocals of frontman Matt Kovac, underlined with guitars, piano and synthesizers by Jan Salgovic and beats by Sami Salman. This basis is complemented by the multi-instrumentalists with what each song may need: be it virtuoso recorder escapades, omnichords, funky basslines, organs, atmospheric soundscapes or 808s.

“Bye bye skies of yesterday/ I hope we’re gonna meet again”

The three Munich natives have been making music together since their school days. Over the years they refine their songwriting, their sound and their profile. The four-piece school band first becomes The Capitols, they play festival shows (Oben Ohne, Theatron) and as a support act for The 1975, Wanda, Catfish & The Bottlemen. Upon discovering the band, now renamed to Matija, Hamburg based label owner Johann Scheerer produces and releases their first album Are We An Electric Generation Falling Apart in 2017 on his label Clouds Hill. The single White Socks makes it, inter alia, to ARD Morgenmagazin, is played in the series We Are The Wave and helps the band to grow on stage as well.

“Where has all the love gone? The love, the beat and the heart? Are we an electric generation falling apart?”

In their self-image, the Munich-based band sees itself strongly as a live band anyway. Because that’s how they travel the world, gain insights into other countries and cultures, and create a sense of togetherness among the people in the room with every performance. By expressing their own feelings, they open up to the world, reveal themselves. And with their music and live show, they provide the soundtrack that connects people.

In 2019, performances at festivals such as MS Dockville, Sound of The Forest and PULS Open Air follow; just like the first major tour with sold-out concerts for the release of their single The Calling and concerts abroad.

“I will let you know/ From time to time/ That this life isn’t really pretty/ And you got sad days in the city”

The year 2020 comes, Matija are a trio by now – and the Corona pandemic begins. Despite missing live performances Matija use the time and record their second album byebyeskiesofyesterday, produced by the band’s guitarist/keyboardist and Willy Löster (The Notwist, Joris). With the single absolutelynothing(today) they play on the ProSieben Wohnzimmerfestival, invited by Joko Winterscheidt, next to Dua Lipa and Mando Diao. And coincidentally deliver the song to the first Lockdown. In summer, performances at the Reeperbahnfestival, BR Puls Startrampe Spezial and WDR Rockpalast follow.

“It feels like home/ Ain’t no other place to go”

In 2021 Matija are writing new music and working on their ever-evolving sound. With the single Home (20.08.2021) they release their homage to home, wrapped in contemporary alternative pop sounds with references to the 1980s and 2000s. Having packed old and new songs they go on tour in October 2021: with a lot of luck in timing they play sold out club shows in Germany and Austria.

“Somebody is dancing to/ A melancholic broadway tune”

In Ultrasuede, which was released November 25th, the trio packs vibes from the decadent fashion world of 1970s New York into a dancey single inspired by the bitter-sweet, excessive life of fashion designer Halston. The song is named after the synthetic fabric he used to work with: Synthpop sounds meet funky basslines, contrasting with excursions into 1970s sonic aesthetics. An invitation for a dance with a teardrop in the eye…

Matija are planning more releases for 2022, which they are currently working on. The Ultralive tour is set for April.