Maria Lua

Live Act Folk Vocal Singer/Songwriter Rock Melodic
Maria Lua - Folk Vocal Singer/Songwriter Rock Melodic Live Act in London

Maria Lua Short Info

Maria Lua is a folk-inspired singer, songwriter, musician and performer. As the daughter of hippy musicians she was encouraged from a young age to sing her heart out and write music that sprung from her soul. This developed into her own unique style of melodic folk pop, with strong feminine influences from The Cranberries, Enya, La Roux and Joan Baez.

Maria Lua uses music to open up hearts with sonic healing. Let her voice lift your spirit and touch your soul. Let her melodies brush away the cobwebs of inertia and reawaken your dreams.

Past Gigs Maria Lua

  • 11 | 2015 Cafe International, San Francisco, Califormia USA Live Performance
  • 09 | 2015 The Roadtrip (Hoxton), London UK Live Performance
  • 08 | 2015 The Harrison, London UK The Folk Highway Session
  • 07 | 2015 inSpiral Lounge, Camden, London UK Maria Lua's Lammas Celebration of Plenty
  • 01 | 2015 inSpiral Lounge, Camen, London UK Maria Lua's "Free Spirit" EP Launch
  • 08 | 2014 Wales, UK The Green Gathering
  • 07 | 2014 Surrey, UK Guilfest


  • Video Maria Lua Live - 2014
  • Sound "Free Spirit" EP Taster
  • Sound GoldenSunRays

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