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MarcY Rasenberger - Alternative Rock Blues Rock Rock Alternative Country Acoustic Rock Live Act in Elsdorf

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Marcy Rasenberger is a singer, songwriter and guitarist since 2008. He started playing and writing songs by himself at first with his acoustic guitar in Elsdorf, NRW (Germany) while also playing some shows in small pubs and bars with his own songs or covers. Many years later Marcy Rasenberger has turned into a band/ duo due to the drummer Yusuf Kan. Both of them have since started writing and composing songs which cannot be placed into a specific genre. Because of this Marcy Rasenberger stands for versatile music with fancy lyrics and an acoustic sound which is as unique as Marcy Rasenberger himself!

Past Gigs MarcY Rasenberger

  • 04 | 2018 Blue Shell/ Cologne SPH Bandcontest [Stadtfinale]@Blue Shell
  • 10 | 2017 Blue Shell/ Cologne SPH Bandcontest [Vorrunde Köln] @Blue Shell
  • 06 | 2017 Medio Rhein-Erft/ Bergheim Private Veranstaltung
  • 01 | 2017 BK/ Bergheim Tag der offenen Tür BKBM
  • 06 | 2016 Medio Rhein-Erft/ Bergheim School's out Festival

Discography MarcY Rasenberger

  • 2017 The Witch in the Woods Single | Spinnup


  • Video Marcy Rasenberger - The Wit...
  • Video MarcY Rasenberger - Check Y...

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