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MaJLo - Indie/Alternative Indiepop Electro Alternative Folk Indie Live Act in Gdynia

MaJLo Short Info

Producer, composer, instrumentalist and vocalist from Gdansk, Poland. Before getting into music production, MaJLo had been deeply fascinated by jazz, which resulted in graduating from the Stanislaw Moniuszko’s Music Academy. During that period he developed a personal project – Maciej Milewski Quintet and released The Bird’s Reflection. Since 2015, MaJLo has been transforming himself into the role of a electro and indiepop producer. In December 2015, MaJLo’s debut album – Reverse was released through Sounddict. As a producer MaJLo works with artists such as Ralph Kaminski, Arek Klusowski, Zaneta Labudzka and many more.

Past Gigs MaJLo

  • 06 | 2017 Skwer Kuracyjny Seazone Showcase Festival
  • 04 | 2017 Poznań Enea Spring Break Festival
  • 01 | 2017 Gdańsk Exodus Festival

Discography MaJLo

  • 2017 Over The Woods Album | Sounddict
  • 2015 Reverse EP | Sounddict


  • Video MaJLo - Another Day
  • Video MaJLo - Escape
  • Video MaJLo - A Song From The Inside

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  • Gdynia PL


  • 2015


  • Maciej Milewski vocal
  • Szymon Burnos keys
  • Jacek Prościński drums

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