Maaike Girardin
NL Tilburg – Folk Pop / Indie/Alternative / Blues / Blues Rock / Folk
Maaike Girardin


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Maaike is a Dutch-Canadian singer-songwriter, who has traveled all over the world.

Maaike sings, and plays the guitar. Her music often has a feminine tone but is full of her hidden thoughts, confessions, and broken hearts, so that you remain moved by her music. You can also hear many influences from her performances and travels abroad. In recent years she has traveled and played on stages in the Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Italy, Israel, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Australia, where she has collaborated with many musicians among which Sicilian folk musicians, a Swedish jazz guitarist, a beatboxer, and a flamenco guitarist. The performance at the Swedish Embassy in Hanoi and the Blue Note Jazz Club in Milan are moments she still looks back on proudly.

In Italy, she was in the national final of Tour Music Fest and won the prize "Artista di Merito". She has won prizes at the Artist Voice Music conference in several categories in Italy. Last year she returned to the Netherlands especially to devote her time full-time to music while studying at the Rockacademie. She is currently based in Sicily and is following her studies at the Rockacademie online while working on her debut album with an Italian guitarist. Her ambition is to touch as many souls as possible with her music.

"She has something personal. She presents her world to you. She is naked and she shares her emotions. She shares who she really is. She sounds like no one else. She's just Maaike. This is what makes an artist. ”
- Dariana Koumanova Conductor Orchestra San Remo Festival