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Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder ROCA DE HABLAR EP 2018
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder NO ME TOQUES MAMA Single 2016
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder CARRETILLA EP 2013
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Few presentations need these five evil boys who scream, grunt and squirm like a real time bomb on the stage.

His sound cave garage with melodies did not pass indifferent to the underground national scene, nor to the blogs of the moment like neo2, Vice, Heels & Cigarettes, Crazyminds, Mad Girls Magazine , Remezcla New York .... They have also collaborated with several brands such as Fred Perry , Lacoste , Converse.

His first EP "Carretilla" was very well received and a direct overwhelming.

They swept the SXSW 2017 Festival of Austin, being the Spanish band that more concerts gave that year with 12 balls in places like: Spider House, Vegas Hotel (where they played twice), Grand Social Club (Burger Records) Showcase Get Hip Recordings and Sheraton Hotel, among others.

Their passage through the USA has left fans declared as Jared Swilley of The Black Lips and Californian radio KPFA Comunity Powered who presented them as Fat White Family Spanish, and is that their live is a real bomb.

Its sound is loaded with Fuzz, reverb and lyrics full of perversion. Dirty and greasy garage all touched irresponsibly and without brakes with a single premise: NO COGER PRISIONEROS!

This year they have been in SXSW 2018 with Sounds From Spain and they have been played several gigs in Burgermania VII , showcase Burger records Latam/VIVA POMONA , Panache Hangover Party , Spider House , Sounds From Spain showcase , among others , with a great impact on media such us radios, HBO TV , Remezcla Magazine NY among others.

They have the full schedule of Festivals this summer in Spain and Portugal and in mind a Tour in Mexico really soon.

After his last successful lSingle " no me toques mamá" , they just release a new song " Roca de hablar " that BURGER RECORDS have presented in Soundcloud and will be in the new album of Los Wilds.

Los Wilds are in the same scene of Los nastys, The Parrots, Hinds, BIznaga.... in Madrid.

Turn up the volume, move your feet ... dare to the sound of Los Wilds


Arrasaron en el Festival SXSW 2017 de Austin , siendo el grupo español que más conciertos dio este año con 12 bolazos en sitios como : Spider House, Hotel Vegas ( donde tocaron dos veces ) , Grand Social Club ( Burger récords ) Showcase Get Hip Recordings y Hotel Sheraton , entre otros.

Su paso por USA les ha dejado fans declarados como Jared Swilley de Los Black Lips y la radio californiana KPFA Comunity Powered quien los presentó como los Fat White Family españoles , y es que su directo es una auténtico bombazo .

Su sonido esta cargado de Fuzz, reverb y unas letras llenas de perversión . Garage sucio y grasiento todo tocado de una manera irresponsable y sin frenos con una única premisa : NO COGER PRISIONEROS !
Este año han sido elegidos por Sounds From Spain para acudir al SXSW 2018 y han tocado en sitios de la talla de BURGERMANIA 7, SHOWCASE BURGER RECORDS LATAM / VIVA POMONA , PANACHE HANGOVER PARTY , SPIDER HOUSE, SOUNDS FROM SPAIN SHOWCASE.... AMONG OTHERS.

Tienen la agenda repleta de Festivales este verano en España y Portugal y en mente una Gira en Méjico muy pronto.

Están en pleno proceso de grabación de lo que será su nuevo LP . Les acaba de presentar BURGER RECORDS en su soundcloud el primer single " Roca de hablar " de lo que será el nuevo álbum , toda una declaración de intenciones del sello americano que todo lo que saca lleva su seña de calidad e identidad.