Lord Stef’
DE Leipzig – Hip Hop / Afrobeat / Worldmusic
Lord Stef’


Can`t Touch This FT The Boy Jay (Prod. Tiger J)

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Lord Stef' & Tiger J
Ab67616d0000b2737477f3dc61022f0875687d61 Benaai Single 2021
Ab67616d0000b2736b1febe1db47986a9d6b1237 Faith Love & Hope Single 2022
Pedal Records under exclusive license to MNF
Ab67616d0000b273563ffd4c8202774deb17f60b Otuli Peni Single 2022
Pedal Records under exlusive license to MNF
Ab67616d0000b27390f5e1765ba2a7001fd4382d Woman Like You Single 2022
Ab67616d0000b2739ec963f2c19dc19641eb46c8 Kongo Oshimaliwa Single 2022
Lord Stef', Tiger J
Ab67616d0000b273191d658389ffe4e2cb79c1ce Can't Touch This Single 2022
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Press Text
Hailed as one of Namibia‘s best kept secrets, Lord Stef‘s roots are deeply embedded in the old school hip hop, boom bap and true artistic meaning of what it means to be an MC.

His Captivating energetic performances transport audiences through different time capsules as he blends musicianship, creativity and tradition.
Lord Stef‘ categorises his music as „Township Funk“, African melodies fused with mellow upbeat drums, lost voice notes and deep quotes. Not forgetting his impeccable penmanship and the ability to tell stories of any individual and/or scenario.
The artist has admitted some of his themes are controversial or cheesy at times but he „can’t be bothered“ while making his art he says.
Fans tell the Artist time and time again that he makes soundtracks to their lives and recites stories they can relate to.
Despite regarding himself a newcomer to the scene, Lord Stef‘ is no stranger to music.
A creative, he has been making music since he was a teen. He further emphasis and quotes „Human civilisation must have an empowered community in order to thrive“. The Future looks bright for His Lordship as he grows stronger in confidence and sheds more of his own style to the world. With a catalogue of unreleased music, one can only imagine what musical ammunition he has hidden in his chambers. He is set to release more music later this year.