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VME (DME Group)
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Nous Album 2012
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder The Collibro Album 2010
Target Records
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder The Construction of The Amp Train Album 2006
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Apathobvious Album 2007
Enough Said Music
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Flight of Belljár EP 2013
No Agency
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LISERSTILLE is not a regular band, and we are not afraid to say so.

If the audience comes looking for something similar to everything else, they will be disappointed. LISERSTILLE is a Danish band, going international, because we have stories of dreams on fire and rocks that talk and pastoral preaching's in the suburb town halls, of war and slaves, of industry and treasury and love for the sake of love and a paradise even for the heretic. All this in the biggest wall of sound that we've got enough blood to get.

Previous gigs above include this years highlights, and the European fall tour of 2013. For full oversight of LISERSTILLE's previous gigs, please visit:
Formed in 2004, as an art project designed to put music on the emotions derived from paintings, LISERSTILLE has always been on a quest to redefine the way we perceive music and question the traditions of modern rock. In 2006 the band recorded their first demo to present to the business. This however became their debut album when Target Records (DK) decided to release the 4 track – 43 minute recording. Following the tremendous success of The Construction of the AmpTrain LISERSTILLE opened SPOT festival, played Roskilde Festival and had showcases at PopKomm. Legendary music journalist, David Fricke also mentioned LISERSTILLE in the American issue of RollingStone Magazine and compared the band with the early days of Pink Floyd.

Exactly one year from the release of TCOFAT came the 2nd album Apathobvious, which both started the close cooperation with producer Anders Ruby and also put LISERSTILLEs music into a new and more professional approach to the recording process. One which lives today stronger than ever and contributes to the many dimensions and layers in the songs - even after a countless number of plays. Apathobvious was followed up by massive touring in Denmark and Scandinavia.

Three years of intense composing later, the bombastic and truly epic album The Collibro was finally ready for release in the spring of 2010. After being recorded in complete solitude in a lodge by the band itself, the tracks were brought to the north where Magnus Lindberg, drummer and producer of Swedish prog metal band Cult Of Luna, did a deep and warm analog mix and master, which completed the complex album. The Collibro was released in Europe by VME and gained massive attention from music media all over the world. Especially the German magazines agreed on the groundbreaking quality of the album and Germany's biggest prog rock magazine, Eclipsed, awarded it 'Album of the month'. The release was followed up by several full European tours, which among others took the band to the famous Belgian festival for progressive music, Dunk!Festival.

In spring 2012 the fourth full-length album NOUS was released once again on VME. The album was the first to be recorded in LISERSTILLE's own studio The Cube of Eternal Doom on an old farm in the outskirts of Aarhus. Once again mixed and mastered in the darkness of NIM by Anders Ruby, and once again critically high acclaimed all over Europe with even more countries on the list. NOUS is modern epic in high definition!

The time following from the release of NOUS has been used to rearrange and regain the full strength of the creative many-headed monster, which is LIS.
A strong cooperation with Enough Said Music will ensure, that the future of LISERSTILLE takes presence and representation to a whole new level. Also a deal with Friendly Fire Licensing about getting LISERSTILLE's music into TV and movies has been signed as well as a contract with the European booking agency Colossal.
During the harsh winter of 2012/2013 LISERSTILLE once again entered The Cube of Eternal Doom Studio with a mission. To counteract the fact that people spend less & less time on more & more, LISERSTILLE was to determined to accept the challenge of compressing the band’s bombastic dimensions into a less time consuming design. And the mission succeeded.

The mini-album Flight of Belljár was released on the 16th of September 2013 containing three steps, three stories, circulating around the ultimate destruction of planet Earth – nothing less! Instruments are exchanged, and the result shows that the huge tension and release, always stated as the bands greatest strengths, is furthermore emphasized though a natural insecurity walking unknown territory. Then, when the musicians finally intake their signature positions, the release is enhanced far more than ever before!

In 2014 LISERSTILLE returned to the spotlight of the international music business once again. In the slipstream of the positive attention drawn by Flight of Belljár and with a self-produced video for the track 'Lyncher's Aim', LISERSTILLE was once again on the official lineup for the highly respected SPOT Festival in Aarhus, DK in May. Also, the bands first journey overseas took place the following week, to showcase at the huge music business festival Canadian Music Week in Toronto, ON.

LISERSTILLE is now writing their fifth full length album, and playing selected shows for the rest of 2014.