Lighthouse Sweden
SE Uppsala – Americana / Blues / Rock / Alternative Country / Roots
Lighthouse Sweden
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Lighthouse Sweden - Butterflies (Live in Berlin 2018)
Gig History
29 Jun / 2019 Skebopuben Skebobruk
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Moody Maraccas
4dfea07273657256cc92f8ed09b8fdfbea6f0060 Open Door Single 2018
77eb7c17cafe5503af9bc429eabd2fdbbb0e01ca Everybody´s Been a Fool Single 2017
29e1963639f1c68a12656082ae76e9ba0a668e72 Easier to Lie Single 2017
F9e1729ab0b839c6690d54993931bf841f3251ae Love Can Seriously Damage Your Heart Single 2017
C17d979e45b3b8fe77d0f09f7bfcee44b70d0ab1 Silence in the City Album 2017
C6ab62783a04612a67735e5bfb96a418a17e0c37 Lighthouse Album 2014
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Press Text
Top reviews, radio air play around the World!

The band Lighthouse Sweden really got something cooking! Their second album "Silence in the City" was released in April 2017 and has already received positive reviews in over ten countries in Europe and North America. The band has done celebrated gigs during the year including showcases at Live at Heart and the New Orleans Festival. In addition to Swedish Radio's rotation on the songs, they are also aired on college radio in USA and on blues/roots stations in Italy, Canada, Brazil, Australia, England and Holland. And this is just the beginning ...

Paul Freeman (Pop Culture Classics, Los Angeles Times Syndicate, San Francisco Chronicle’s) writes: “This band from Sweden offers an exciting variation on familiar American music forms - rock ’n’ roll, pop, blues, folk, funk and country. Led by husband-and-wife team Linda and Mats Brandemark, the group delivers exceptional songwriting and captivating performances Linda and Mats take turns on lead vocals and blend beautifully on harmonies. Mats’ rugged voice creates an effective contrast to Linda’s sweet tones.”

The Buzz on Lighthouse Sweden:
“A wild concept album that captures the best of all the driving folk/rock you ever loved, you have to wonder how these contemporary cats found such hippie vibes in their psyches." (Midwest Records, USA)

“Lighthouse Sweden plays americana so authentically and perfectly that one would never expect that they are not a US top band.” (Munich Talk, Germany).

“...Lighthouse Sweden gives us music filled with soaring vocals, music that makes you move, and more goodies than you can list.” (L.A Music Critic, USA).

“Lighthouse Sweden know very well how to captivate listeners, as their music sounds attractive and full of magnetism” La Hora del Blues (Spain)