Leitmotiv Duo
IT Florence – Electropop / Ambient Improvisation
Leitmotiv Duo


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In this live project we reinterpret XXth century famous musical themes through electroacoustic improvisation (electric guitar & laptop).

Soundscape, remix, jam session.

The main concept of Leitmotiv Duo is to explore the multiple relationships existing among musical fragments composed in different ages and put later in the same extemporary structure.

A transcendental connection of the themes through times is obtained playing with montage, arrangement, sonority and improvisation, and creates a lively time-space continuum.

.. from Debussy to Nirvana, from Daft Punk to Satie, from Queen to Manu Chao, from Vangelis to Led Zeppelin…

The Duo rises from the "LEITMOTIV - Trekking musicale nel parco" experience, a musical walk in natural unexplored places of our cities. Realized by TR Idee Lab for Tempo Reale (Firenze).

Riccardo Castagnola (1988)
Sound Designer, Composer, Live Electroniker.
He studied Electronics Music and Composition at Conservatorio G.B. Martini (Bologna, IT), Hochschule für Künste Bremen (GER) and improved himself through workshops with international composers and sound artists such as Denis Smalley, Bernard Parmegiani, Salvatore Sciarrino, Albert Mayr, François Bayle.
His works and activities spreads among acousmatic and instrumental composition, free improvisation with live electronics, sound direction, sound design for film and multimedia interactive installation, analysis of electroacoustic music. All shown in international festivals (GER, UK, FR, BR, IT).
He cooperates with Tempo Reale (Florence) for event planning and live electronics music performance. He cooperates with different groups like Ensemble 0crediti, PRIME Recorder Ensemble, KURZSCHLUSS elektroakustisches Ensemble, NAKISA DUO, LEITMOTIV DUO, TR Idee Lab, Concrete Bologna Elettroacustica.
He's copy editor of MusicaElettronica.it, an Italian blog about experimental music and arts.

Andrea Gozzi (1985)
Chitarrista rock e sperimentatore. Laureato presso l'Università di Firenze in DAMS e successivamente in Musicologia e Beni Musicali si specializza Universitè Paris8 Vincennes Saint-Denis in "Composizione assistita dall'elaboratore". La sua attività musicale sfaccettata (chitarrista, compositore e live electroniker) abbraccia diversi contesti e generi, dal rock alla musica contemporanea. Collabora con ensemble italiani e stranieri. Ha partecipando ad eventi come il Musicultura Festival (2003), Live8 a Roma (2005), MTV Live (2006) Tempo Reale Festival (2008, 2011, 2012) e tanti altri, suonando in Francia, Germania, Canada, Inghilterra e Stati Uniti.