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If loving music was a crime, I plead guilty: DJ LAWYA's motto clearly shows the importance music has in his life.

But luckily, loving house music is not a crime and that's why DJ LAWYA delights the party people with energetic music at every opportunity. And by that we mean EVERY opportunity. Not only at numerous events of Munich Rave, Upside East or Wildlife Disco, he leaves no moment unused to carry away the crowd with his moving tunes. Professionally, DJ LAWYA is also in daily contact with up-and-coming international musicians, as he runs an online marketing agency that is considered as a music expert in the German region. He is also known beyond the dancefloor for being able to directly captivate everyone in his environment with sounds ranging from Afro House to Tech House. Thanks to him, every place becomes a dancefloor, because when DJ LAWYA is in the house, unrestrained partying is the law!
The party scene has always been DJ LAWYA's home and so you can always discover new influences in his music mixes. Thanks to the open-minded nature of the LAWYA, the music of the artist also always remains timeless and alive. His bright aura does the rest. He manages to seamlessly and excitingly combine harmony and moments of surprise to create something unique, a moment that remains unforgettable.
See you on the dancefloor