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Lausch - Alternative Progressive Rock Math-Rock Post Core Rock Live Act in Wien

Lausch Short Info

The three austrian guys forming LAUSCH deliver a post modern bunch of well structured, tight and powerful music. Their slow and pumping style is disarming and hijacks into a world of weird, impulsive vocals. The music is definitely far away from current stereotypes and hypes. It impresses with professional performance and special sense for slow, powerful and progressive music. There is no doubt about these musician’s appeal to bring guitar-rock with only three classical instruments to a higher level.


Past Gigs Lausch

  • 12 | 2016 Stadtwerkstatt Linz 16 Qlash Bash 2016

Discography Lausch

  • 2015 Glass Bones Album | Panta R&E
  • 2012 Canada is falling Album | LiMuPic Records
  • 2009 Friend of the captain Album | LiMuPic Records
  • 2007 Nothing but not Album | LiMuPic Records


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  • Alexander Lausch Sänger, Gitarrist
  • Arnold Zanon Bassist
  • Matthias Ledwinka Drummer

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