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Lady Stardust


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Review Overall Impression: Bright digitized synth forms a thick runway for tense, level male vocals in Dick Pick Krieger, Lady Stardust's tongue in cheek Post Punk Electronic dream.

Mixing retro-inspired tones with fashionable sensibilities, and steeping it all in very modern, socially relevant lyrical context, Lady Stardust has given their listeners a dense little gem of attitude, and an irresistible invitation to dance.

Strongest Point(s):
The vocals in Dick Pick Krieger are fascinating, offering tons of expression in the form of clipped, breathless phrases and sharp inhales, cleverly left in the edit and incorporated to give the track a level of strain and style, lending color and context to the vocal melody which is otherwise largely one level (a satisfying contrast.) These driving, tight vocals perfectly compliment the track's exceedingly compact rhythm section, as both work together to give the song an irrefutable sense of forward momentum. The tone and character of synthesizer is brilliantly curated, and thematically, the whole concept of a "dick pick krieger" is astute and extremely amusing in a way that is sure to resonate with audiences. While the composition of the song is relatively simple, small details like the use of a trumpet-like element beginning at approximately 2.41 show Lady Stardust's level of wit and competence, and make it obvious once on for all that simplicity is never a marker for lack of calculation or care.

Area(s) of Improvement:
This song has been masterfully produced in an at-home situation, with wonderful layering inside a terrific sounding mix. Depending on personal preference, the vocal line could be brought slightly forward in the overall mix, to give audience an even better chance to appreciate the nuances of its subtle sound, but that really does come down to a matter of artistic opinion. Either way, thank you for sharing a fantastic track!

Target Audience Appeal:
Lady Stardust has created the perfect piece to appeal across youthful (and young-minded) audiences, with a special place in the hearts of those with retro preferences. The track should be largely successful in Electronic, Alternative, New Wave, Post Punk, Art Rock, and independent dance scenes. Equally suitable for a club dance floor or a long commute into the city, Dick Pick Krieger would make a fabulous addition on an album or EP, and be swell at an underground live show.

Artist target suggestions:
Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, New Order, The Human League, Yazoo, Blancmange, Duran Duran, Tears For Fears, Yaz, Bronski Beat, Frankie Goes to Hollywood

About the Reviewer:
Mary Wildsmith is an FM Radio DJ, and has been involved in both on-air work and radio production for five and a half years, in addition to working the past decade in and out of the live entertainment industry. She has experience with the fickle nature of the music industry, selecting singles to promote or discard for radio play, and engineering stage to audience sound systems. Having worked balancing, troubleshooting, and running audio rigs has enabled her to be both sensitive, and sympathetic, to the finesse and nuance of quality recording. Mary is passionate about promoting new and independent artists, and has spent extensive time in round-table environments discussing music and audio critically, and collaborating with artists to enable them to put the best possible foot forward with their art.