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La Maschera
B81e6e7ac05779261474bb1d5a6c48e2ad355519 Te vengo a cerca' Single 2016
D9ba0fd6e301098377da3a9fa20b40ade7cea59f 'O vicolo 'e l'allerìa Album 2014
Graf srl
0928388eea55d1f7c950aa0b8bb4608a035338e3 Dimane comm' ajere Single 2017
4f7000e510b0c5038f3278589543a70aec7a3bd6 ParcoSofia Album 2017
Ufficio K
Antonio Pellegrino
Graf Srl
Luciano Maria Chirico
Full Heads Srls
Dario Fiore
Press Text
Since the release of their first album ’O vicolo ‘e l’alleria in November 2014, La Maschera took its place in neapolitan music scene as one of the most interesting independent bands.

It was soon noteworthy for its remarkable experimentation rate, so that it could be fully placed in the “World music” genre.
Confirming their attitude towards stylistic contamination, La Maschera meets the Senegalese musician Laye Ba: their encounter resulted in stylistic contamination and musical blending and two songs composed and performed together.
After their Senegalese tour, in November 2017, their second album, entitled "ParcoSofia", was released. In late 2018 La Maschera brought its music abroad: from October 12 to 19 they vere on tour in Portugal, from 25 to 29 October they were at Womex in Gran Canaria (Spain), and from 20 to 30 November they were in Canada in a mini-tour, guests of the Italian Institute of Culture in Montreal.
In November 2018 La Maschera win the Andrea Parodi Award, the most prestigious Italian contest of World Music.
In 2019, back from their new national winter tour, which led them to perform in twelve of the major Italian cities, they left for South Korea where they met the favor of experts and public at the Seoul Music Week and Suseong World Music Festival.
Back from Korea, they are getting ready to perform on stages of national and international festivals, such as the Szieget, the Home Festival, the Folkest and the Giffoni Music Concept, as well as several other dates of their summer tour.