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Hello, we presente to you our music's project for booking agent, promotion... Abakuya is the musical project of François Essindi and Jimi Sofo. The two artists met at the edge of a river in Basel, Switzerland in 2005 and decided to make a trip to Cameroon in the land of ancestors Ekang. Upon their return in 2006, they launched the project Abakuya. Abakuya is the name of the mascot of the dance initiation Ozila. A traditional dance of southern Cameroon endangered. Following a manager...

Comedian, Storyteller, Dancer, Author, Composer, Author of several books tale for Youth (Harmattan): Shows François Essindi can not be told, nor summarize, They live. They are penetrating, as they vibrate OF authenticity.
Armed most often instruments inherited from his ancestors Ekang, Human Cultures surrenders to energy sounds, words. The music to the body, it leaves vibrate, dance in it, rhythms, vibrations, sensations ...

So while Independent Artist and Stringer ... He climbs, participates and collaborates in projects towards its Natal Cameroon and Africa in general. (Festivals, Concerts ...)

Francis currently works for the setting-up of a cultural center in Sangmelima, and training workshops for young people and adults ...).

Francis also works in theater projects, Conte, group, film or artistic creations with other companies and Cultural Actors and elsewhere.

Promoter tribal instruments endangered (Mvet, Ngomo, Snail Shell, Fang Flute or pygmy Arc in the mouth, "NKUL" or tam tam call, "Nkeng" or bell talking ...

François up and down in a specific order to share its culture to the greatest number of good atmosphere.
It Provides workshops musical initiation with percussion instruments Cameroon and elsewhere (Djembe, Tam tam call, long drum, bells and maracasses ...)

- His Abakuya musical project is a collaboration with a talented Australian artist Jimi Sofo.

This project is looking for promotion, artistic Management Agent for Booking. Born in 2005, following their meeting under a bridge in the city of Basel in Switzerland, followed by a trip to Cameroon, this adventure has self-produced two discs to date including:
- Primitive Love 2008
- Abakuya Ep 2010
The project website: