Live Act Punk Hardcore Indie
Kiper - Punk Hardcore Indie Live Act in Zagreb

Kiper Short Info

Kiper was formed in 2007 in Zagreb, Croatia. Band members Pavle, Six, Jaga and Zdravko have previous experiences in many bands like Paruzija, Analena, Ha Det Bra, Razlog Za, Garage Monsters, Patareni and Minus Cway. Finally our new singer Misch joined the band at the end of 2009. After many years of different underground rock styles exploration, Kiper simply plays melodic, honest and intensive punk rock.


  • Video Kiper - Ostajem do kraja


  • Zagreb HR


  • 2007


  • Hrvoje Jagarinec guitar player
  • Zdravko Šavor guitar player
  • Krešimir Certić vocalist
  • Pavle Vučinić drummer
  • Danijel Sikora bass player