Keep Floyding

Live Act Cover Progressive Rock Psychedelic Rock
Keep Floyding - Cover Progressive Rock Psychedelic Rock Live Act in Solymar

Keep Floyding Short Info

For us Pink Floyd is much more than reproducing one or two illustrious concerts: it is a uniquely colourful musical experience, all eras of which – including the solo works of each of the members – deserve to be kept alive as part of our repertoire. We treat our work as a kind of mission, and those who attend our concerts will never know when they might hear one of their old forgotten favourites.


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  • Solymar HU


  • 2009


  • Balint Balazs bass, vocals
  • Zsuzsa Garda vocals
  • Gabor Goldschmidt guitar, vocals
  • Imre Haaz Sax, keys
  • Gyorgy Heinfarth drums
  • Zoltan Nemeth light-engineer
  • Ferenc Prohaszka sound-engineer
  • Marton Segesdy keys, vocals
  • Edina Simon vocals
  • Andras Toth guitar