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KdotMelody is a songwriter and rapper hailing from North London (UK).

With a passion for music from a young age, he has honed his craft by exploring a broad range of genres and styles, drawing influences from across hip hop, future sounds, r&b and neo soul.

He loves to push boundaries and unite mellow and soulful sounds with thought-provoking and often hard-hitting lyrics. At the heart of his music lies a desire to uplift, to explore and to challenge his listeners to reflect. Alongside his own music projects, KdotMelody founded REGNAD, a creative collective of ordinary individuals with extraordinary goals - they have recently launched monthly show REGNAD Radio on Keakie Music.

Following up on his previous successful EP Spectrum, KdotMelody recently dropped his new joint The Late Shft in September 2019. Current single Starry Eyed offers a sample of his dreamy and melodic sound, simultaneously sharing a heartfelt reminiscence of the camaraderie of the festival experience and a commitment to his life as a creative, with the pen as his weapon.

Alongside the recent release of his EP The Late Shft, KdotMelody is focused on perfecting his live performances – hitting up venues like The Old Blue Last, Pop Brixton, Kinfolk NYC and Concrete. Most recently, he performed as support for D Double E at Shoreditch House and will be supporting Shocka at the forthcoming Conscious Crud show at Rich Mix London on February 29th. With further UK and European dates booked in the near future, he hopes to grow his following and reach wider audiences internationally.