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Kalevra - Alternative Alternative Rock Live Act in Herne

Kalevra Short Info

Hey guys,

this is Kalevra, an alternative rock band from the Ruhrgebiet, Germany. Kalevra is just another word for powerful riffs, kick-ass drums and soulful vocals. We love this music thing and this is why we are actually working on our first LP. Stay tuned!

Furthermore we are looking for some gigs to play on, so feel free to contact us!

PS: there are more than 3 songs in our setlist ;)

Past Gigs Kalevra

  • 12 | 2014 Gelsenkirchen Ryberski Live!


  • Sound I Don't See It
  • Sound The Promise
  • Sound Zeal


  • Herne DE


  • 2013


  • Damian DIttrich Singer, Bass Player
  • Robert Baran Guitar Player
  • Andreas Krainski Guitar Player, Backing Vocals
  • Tom Marek Drummer