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#kalissima live progressive techno electronic set [ableton live loop push2 novation arturia]

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kalaFonia is concentrated on electronic music and not caught up in genres rules.

She puts a lot of emphasis on minimalism in arrangement and sound design. In her music You find progressive bass lines, techno sound design, based on feeling and tricky rhythm patterns, liquid pads, electro feeling and much more. Usually she picks up few special sounds or samples and works with them and around them. The set she plays is in a lot of aspects improvised. kalaFonia has put some time and stylistic rulesfor herself - some to make it even trickier and some just for fun! Thanks to her workflow and musical feeling she keeps a consistent form that attracts the listener.
The thing is, that from the same hardware source and using some smart technical solutions You can get techno party blaster as well as an experimental downtempo piece. The emotions and need to put her feeling to what comes out of the speakers is crucial for kalaFonia.

Karolina KalaFonia Ankiewicz is a freelance sound engineer and a music producer. On the daily basis she cooperates with the Musical Theater in Gdynia. As a freelancer she mixed hundreds of concerts, from small forms to large-format festivals like Opener. She worked for Stage Entertainment and Music Hall agencies - did sound design, co-produced sound wise and mixed arena concert tours with their shows. She is a lecturer at the "NuWave" audiovisual school in Gdańsk.
Currently she is focused on production of electronic music (HK+, CrewKruLove, Kallissima). She puts emphasis on the potential of translating her music into body motility. Passionate about synthesizers and a geek of "sound toys" - as she calls all controllers and audio devices used in the studio and on stage. A perfectionist of the technical side who does not tolerate clutter in cables.