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Jus Grata - Electronica DJ in Budapest

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Jus Grata has confirmed his position fronting the new generation of electronic dance music talent.
He works internationally but has his feet firmly on the ground, he has his own studio where he is a successful sound engineer and at the weekends he DJs throughout Europe.
Jus Grata’s music is a cosmopolitan mixture of sounds – Electronic, House Music and energy is also always a part of the production. His music breathes euphoria, epic symphonies and pumping club beats. He names his style as Hard Electro.

Discography Jus Grata

  • 2014 Mantra 1 Single | Subtone Records, LA


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  • Sound Jus Grata - COFFEE FACE (Or...
  • Sound Jus Grata feat. Dea - GARCE...

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  • 2014

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