Julia Toaspern
DE Berlin – Jazz / Folk / Singer/Songwriter / Acoustic / Alternative Folk
Julia Toaspern


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Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Penny Album 2015
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Hills and Highlands EP 2014
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Berlin - based Julia Toaspern spent the past years busking around Europe and the East Coast, played in Cuba and recorded in NYC - but she felt at home in the Scottish highlands where she makes music, tends sheep, milks goats and is inspired by the clarity, even when it’s foggy.

As she sings of traveling she takes the audience on the journey - an evening filled with songs and tunes. Julia’s own »folk« mixed with Irish, Scottish and American roots in a vivid variety of desire and delight, longing and yearning.

On her EP "Hills and highlands" you can hear Julia play fiddle and banjo as well as e-guitar and a percussive red suitcase. Her debut album will be released this coming September featuring her band which includes beatbox, double bass, and flute.

The combination of groovy rhythms and fingerpicked melodies makes her live performance a special event
– as a solo artist on vocals, guitar, fiddle and banjo
– as a trio with guitarist Clemens Müller and bassist Samuel Dette

Julia has been featured on Berlin based radio stations rbb Fritz as well as Radio Alex, and was named artist of the month on detektor.fm.

“She has a voice like clear water - refreshing, pleasant, simply beautiful. Fetchingly and openly she presents to us her unique melange of folk and jazz. Her songs tell of love, of longing and of being held. Julia’s distinctive style, her musicality, but most of all her heart warming nature make her concert a special experience: a wonderful encounter that will stay with you long afterwards.” - Lars Steitz, Die Buchbar, Dresden