Jukebox & Bella Santiago
RO BUCHAREST – Pop / Funk / Rock ’n’ Roll / Balkanbeats / Rock
Jukebox & Bella Santiago


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Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Masti de portelan Single 2019
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Am ce nu am Single 2018
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Sugar Gumalaw Single 2018
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Auzi Cum Bate Single 2017
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Vocea Ta Single 2017
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder I Got You Single 2013
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Cum Vrei Tu Single 2013
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Editie Speciala Single 2012
Jukebox Music Production
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Breakout Single 2012
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Picuri de Rai Album 2009
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Christmas Songs Album 2008
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder One Love Single 2008
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Feel Like Making Love Album 2007
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Lonely in Heaven Single 2005
Jukebox Music Production
Georgia Dodoc
Jukebox Music Production
Georgia Dodoc
Jukebox Music Production
Viorel Dodoc
Press Text
After 20 years and 2000 live concerts, now Jukebox is one of the best live music bands in Romania.

So far, Jukebox has released 3 albums and other 17 singles.
Jukebox, headed by the sympathetic Alex Vasilache, is also well known for its 10-year presence in the TV show "Cronica Carcotasilor", as well as for many festivals and competitions (Eurovision 2005, Festival Mamaia 2009, X Factor 2015, Eurovision 2016 , Your Face Sounds Familiar 2017, Eurovision 2018). And our story doesn’t stop here: the "jukebox" made in Romania constantly and consistently enriches its repertoire and performance, so each show is a unique experience, full of emotions, energy and good music.
In February 2017, the band start to collaborate with an extraordinary voice and exotic appearance, Bella Santiago, and released "Vocea Ta" and “Auzi Cum Bate”, both songs receiving great feedback in Romania and overseas. In 2016, beautiful Filipino reached the final of the contest "Romania's Got Talent" and was admired for the energetic show and the strong voice. In December 2018, Bella became the grand winner of X Factor Romania after she went wild online with her stunning performances on #XFactorGlobal Facebook page or many days trending on YouTube Romania.
A lot of international hits (pop, pop-rock, rock, retro, funk, R&B, dance, Latino, reggae), original adaptations of the most-loved Romanian & Balkanic songs, together with original songs by Jukebox & Bella Santiago, are always making the delight of our memorable concerts!
Jukebox & Bella Santiago participated in Eurovision Romania 2018 and qualified 4th in the National Final with the song "Auzi Cum Bate", after they won the semifinal with the highest score of the jury.

(Just a few of) Jukebox & Bella Santiago Videos:
Jukebox - Sexy foc: https://youtu.be/Nc1DrCcAsXU
Jukebox & Bella Santiago - Cand toata lumea sare: https://youtu.be/QAmt_50vHLM
Jukebox & Bella Santiago - Ma intorc zi de zi: https://youtu.be/3kTGv-it-sY
Jukebox & Bella Santiago - Vocea Ta: https://youtu.be/IvVHhcO5ZL4
Jukebox & Bella Santiago - Auzi Cum Bate: https://youtu.be/13guwLpg2tY
Concert US Embassy Bucharest 2018: https://youtu.be/xgfy_e35B0U

Jukebox is all about teasing life, happy moods, all together mixed with great LIVE music. Feel A Live with Jukebox!

• 3 albums (“Christmas Songs”, “Feel Like Making Love” and “Picuri de Rai”)
• 17 singles (“Te Adoresc”, “Breakout”, “Cum Vrei Tu”, “Editie Speciala”, “Sarbatorile-au Venit” , "Addicted", “Come On everybody”, "Vocea Ta", “Auzi Cum Bate”, “Sugar Gumalaw”, “Am Ce Nu Am”, “Absenta Ta”, “Ma intorc zi de zi”, “Sa vina vinerea”, “Masti de portelan”, “Cand toata lumea sare” and “Sexy foc”)
• 10 years of television for prime time “Cronica Carcotasilor” show on Prima TV
• Festivals and Contests (Eurovision 2005, Festival Mamaia 2009, X Factor 2015, Eurovision 2016, Te Cunosc de Undeva 2017, Eurovision 2018)

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