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TrES-2b Recordings
Ab67616d0000b27302815e5ceda19adccb9b7191 W4U (IYEARA Remix) Single 2018
Ab67616d0000b273abd6a05c9790989fb3e80aa6 Lisantrope Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b27365a8b85ddf63dfd512e32eb5 NOVEMBRE13_ Single 2022
Ab67616d0000b27373c1b0e82930deb63911494f BLUTOKYO_ Single 2022
Ab67616d0000b273dee2e2e75e94dda9c2047848 C-KDASTER Single 2023
Blue Marble
Ab67616d0000b2739f78273babed526238e4dbce Reminisce (JoyCut Remixes) Single 2023
PillowCase Records_
Ab67616d0000b27374c42301d1e76fe70ded6f03 Ghost Trees Where to Disappear Album 2011
Irma Records s.r.l.
Ab67616d0000b27365798707c3d2c4ec37b1f13a PiecesOfUsWereLeftOnTheGround Album 2013
JOYCUT - TheBluWave_
Ab67616d0000b2730c6d663ac46395a3822bc482 TheBluWave [TimesWhenSilenceIsAPoem - TheIceHasMelted - AndBleedingGlaciersFormOurTears]_ Album 2022
PillowCase Records
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder TheBluWave [TWSIAP - TIHM - ABGFOT] Album 2022
IRMA Records
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder PiecesOfUsWereLeftOnTheGround Album 2013
Lucia Wade
Katia Giampaolo
Archangelo Bamonte
Daryl Bamonte
Press Text
JoyCut looks and sounds very attractive on stage.

Two drummers sitting face to face and a guy with machines, both a conductor and author in between them. Electronic and dark-wave, often experimental but accessible.

In 2014 the band attended more than 150 concerts among U.S. + Canada + Europe.
In 2015 is on the Top10 of ETEP.
In 2018 they played Robert Smith's Meltdown.
In 2019 they played INmusic Zagreb with The Cure.
In 2022 they released the new album TheBluWave presented at Museum of Modern Arts.
In 2023 the band sold out a concert at Teatro Manzoni w/ a Symphonic Orchestra.

Having opened and toured with such bands as Arcade Fire, Editors, Art Brut, Modest Mouse and Sebadoh, the trio won over North American fans on their first full US tour in spring of 2014. The tour not only exposed them to thousands of new North American fans but also to radio (Nic Harcourt of KCSN has become a supporter), commercial scoring (VISA World Cup commercial score secured through their SXSW International Day Stage Performance) and mainstream press (MTV Iggy Artist of the Week in April 2014 and Under The Radar feature in July 2014 issue).
A North American return in the fall of 2014, will take them to new cities as well as have them return to others where they had great success this past spring.

JoyCut have been invited to play @ Europavox, Canadian Music Week, Monkey Week, Co2penhagen Festival, I-Day Festival, London Summer Jam, SXSW, Les Nuits, Liverpool Sound City, Vasto Siren, CMJ, Waves Vienna & Bratislava Festival, Glimps Festival, Eurosonic, MENT, Rock For People, Loftas Fest, Chorus, MaMA, Bar En Trans and many more ...

All JoyCut project is 100% tied to our sustainable future.

What They’re Saying:
“Sounds like: A future where robots and humans share organic meals and feelings of hope.” – MTV Iggy (US)
“The first track on Italian trio JoyCut’s PiecesOfUsWereLeftOnTheGround album, ‘Wireless,’ is unbelievably sprightly, uplifting, and beautiful.” – The Stranger (US)
“This is music that one can never get enough of.” – Acoustic Music (US)
"For sheer onstage intensity, though, the Glimps gong goes to Italy, and festival-finishers JoyCut. They formed, they toured, they conquered." - Clash Magazine (UK) | Glimps Festival review
"The songs are crafted with a great undertow of twitching melancholy and inventiveness that makes them hypnotic in their power and imagination.” - Louder Than War (UK) | Waves Bratislava review

“All in all, this was a special, one-off event and a shame that no one outside of that room will ever get to witness it again (especially anyone in the UK or US) but it was a testament to how JoyCut deserve to be a well known concern here. Their talent is obvious, their tunes epic and they are just waiting for people to catch up”. - Under The Radar
“Doing things differently, tonight JoyCut deliver a classy and sustained triumph”. - Clash Music
“JoyCut's work is not a simple musical thread, but a slap in the face of reality that invites us without too many options to put together our actions and increase awareness. Let's not fool ourselves: the Earth is not dying, we are killing it”. - Mondo Sonoro
"After two uninterrupted hours, JoyCut and Maestro Corvino received not only well-deserved applause, but even a standing ovation. The sensation that I have witnessed something important hovers in the air”. - Rockerilla
"Making sense of the big picture, topics such as humanity, modern life, environmental sustainability and world politics are tackled with the help of invention. It is engaging, informative and entertaining." - 1883 Magazine