Joseph Mott

Live Act Electro Trip-Hop Singer/Songwriter Electropop
Joseph Mott - Electro Trip-Hop Singer/Songwriter Electropop Live Act in Liverpool

Joseph Mott Short Info

Electro singer-songwriter and solo performer based in Liverpool and Sheffield, UK.

Go to to download the first mixtape (SEASON I) completely free!

Live performances can be either a full electronic setup consisting of MIDI interface and two synths, or an acoustic setup of two electric guitars. All performances are done solo without backing band.

Discography Joseph Mott

  • 2016 Lifted Single |
  • 2016 SEASON I EP |


  • Video & Again (Pt.2) // Joseph Mott
  • Video Divers // Joseph Mott
  • Video Moving Up // Joseph Mott
  • Video Whispers // Joseph Mott
  • Video Hold Down // Joseph Mott


  • Liverpool GB


  • 2014