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Eran Yermiya (1992), better known by his stage name “Jeremie”, is a French-Israeli singer-songwriter and electronic music producer.
He is also the music producer of “Shirane Music”.

His debut single as a solo act “Shake Your Booty” from the upcoming debut EP “French It Up!” (Which will be released in 2015) was originally released in April 2014 followed by a music video in August 2014, which led up to several radio appearances and media references from all around the world.

Jeremie combines wild fashion style, hardcore electronic tunes, brave lyrics and over-all extravagant appearance which all together make him unique and interesting.

Discography Jeremie

  • 2015 Jeremie - French It Up! (Upcoming Debut EP) EP |
  • 2014 Jeremie - Shake Your Booty Single |
  • 2014 Jeremie - Ringo (林檎) Feat. Shirane Single |
  • 2013 Shirane - Maison Folie (Prod. by Jeremie) Single |


  • Video Jeremie - Shake Your Booty ...
  • Video Jeremie - FRENCH IT UP! (Da...
  • Video FRENCH IT UP! (Official Alb...

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