Jamila & The Other Heroes
DE Berlin – Global Pop / Psychedelic Rock / Worldmusic / Global Pop / Neo Soul
Jamila & The Other Heroes


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Ab67616d0000b27309228f266561e724e36ba122 Sit El Kon (The Grandmother of the Universe) Album 2020
Ab67616d0000b27300a76e6e1a6a95ac1404b8cc Khalas! - The Umbilical Chord Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b27352244f29c2ca8180542a8b24 Aliens in my Bed Single 2019
Ab67616d0000b27367fef2b1e52e47356f5c28e1 Farashat Single 2019
Ab67616d0000b273548eececbf79c8c26b0fea5d Abu Dub Single 2019
Jamila & The Other Heroes
Ab67616d0000b2732f54540439f7d7f89e6c38bf Change Single 2017
Ab67616d0000b273402c97518a8f4d7fd4f32c17 YABA يابا Single 2021
Black Forest Voodoo
Markus Schumacher
Rainer Scheerer
Rainer Scheerer
Press Text
Psychedelic Desert Funk from Berlin!

JAMILA & THE OTHER HEROES is a wild Berlin based band from manywhere that creates Psychedelic Desert Funk to make you fly. Leading the band is the vibrant Jamila Al-Yousef. Born in Berlin on the day the wall came down, and raised by her influential Palestinian refugee father, Jamila’s cultural activism and strong will to positively change the world is drawn deep into her artistic expression. After touring in Germany, the Middle East and North Africa in the past three years, the band's raw, concentrated energy manifests in their debut album "SIT EL KON. ست الكون“ (The Grandmother of the Universe), recently released on SPRINGSTOFF records and funded by German Music Export Office Initiative Musik.

SIT EL KON sounds like a boundless dream. It takes listeners on a furious journey through unconscious galaxies which unite us with the experiences and spirits of our ancestors that continue to exist on this planet in the here and now. Jamila’s at times soft and at other times emphatic voice harmonically weaves itself through dense and eclectic yet always optimistic sounding compositions. Her emancipatory lyrics in Arabic and English invite listeners to show mutual empathy.

Let yourself be carried away by an incomparable sound of psychedelic guitar riffs, vibrating on a warm and earthy fundament of wavy bass runs and Arab percussion sounds, as well as heavy hip hop und rock influenced drum beats. The dance floor JAMILA & THE OTHER HEROES create is a breeding ground for people to meet and practise togetherness - the musicians’ response to the currently operating exclusion mechanisms of our time.

The message of the band is simple: “All of us can be Heroes! Let’s discover our super powers and make the world a better place.“