James Sullivan

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James Sullivan - Rock Indiepop Rock ’n’ Roll Power Pop Live Act in Manchester

James Sullivan Short Info

Pop songs sang slightly too scrappily to be actually pop but still catchy as hell making you think of stuff like how it used to be bit like that band from the 60s but the guy singing sounds a bit younger than that and maybe he's listened to some bands from the 90s and a bunch of stoopid power pop from atlanta and california mostly seems like it sounds like lots of different bands who like writing songs which aren't longer than three minutes but last forever but then again who else is trying to write songs like that these days huh?

Discography James Sullivan

  • 2011 Fuck You, See You at the Talent Show EP | Taken By Surprise
  • 2009 City Burning Single | No Front Teeth
  • 2008 Beginners Luck Album | Vinyl Junkie
  • 2008 Maneater Single | Taken By Surprise
  • 2007 Backstabber Single | 1965 Records
  • 2006 Lock Up Your Daughters Single | 1965 Records


  • Video James Sullivan - Mrs. Johnson
  • Video Better Off Dead


  • Manchester GB