Jabba Cartel

Live Act Worldbeat
Jabba Cartel - Worldbeat Live Act in Leamington Spa

Jabba Cartel Short Info

Equally at home playing troubadour around a festival site or headlining a late-night dance party, Jabba Cartel are made for festivals. Serving Mediterranean flavours over modern beats, their melange of flamenco guitar and urban dance culture creates an atmosphere of far-away places and timeless artistry. Between them, Jabba Cartel’s players have notched up countless days of festival experience, from Womad to the Green Gathering, and will feel at home whether in a hushed arts centre or a mega octane techno night. Highly listenable, infectiously danceable and dangerously inventive, Jabba Cartel take you on a journey like no-one else can.


  • Sound Leo's Dream
  • Video Ta Bueno Ya/Manipulated per...
  • Sound Uranium Tip
  • Sound Castillo Negro
  • Sound My House


  • Leamington Spa GB


  • 2012