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i sing. i dance. i'm a sucker for romance.

Singer-songwriter Iskwé (pronounced iss-kway, meaning “Woman” in her native language) is the embodiment of smooth salaciousness. She gently, but powerfully wraps her voice around deep, meaningful lyrics that convey messages of love and empowerment.

Born in Winnipeg, Canada, Iskwé has been surrounded by creative inspiration her whole life. Growing up in a family of artists, her innate passion for all things music was nurtured from a young age.

Iskwé draws upon her Cree/Dene (Aboriginal) and Irish roots to produce a sound that is totally unique. Booming bass lines and heavy beats, combined with her spine- tingling vocals and classical piano influences define her distinctive offering of Alternative RnB/TripHop.

Following her passion, Iskwé has been able to immerse herself in the culture of music, working with award-winning producers and crafting her unique sound. She has recently put the finishing touches on her self-titled debut album, released October 2nd, 2013 on iTunes. The project features collaborations with industry heavyweights such as M1 from Dead Prez and guitar phenomenon Donna Grantis.

She is rapidly becoming a much sought after performer at high profile events, and has recently been listed by the CBC “Top 10 Canadian Musicians You Need to Know” and twice by Toronto’s very own The Grid as “One to Watch”.

Iskwé’s warm and personable vibe has endeared her to audiences across North America, and soon the world will get a chance to embrace this multi-talented artist.