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ISÁK has been a hype in Sápmi music for a long time, renowned for its energetic live shows and intense presence.

The band is considered to be a natural successor after Mari Boine, who is known for developing yoik and modernising Sami music for decades. With a new and exciting fusion of traditional yoik, urban synths and text universe that combines both Sami and English, ISÁ K continues to push the limits of the Sami music. ISÁ K released their debut album in February this year. 2019 was very hectic for the band. The vocalist Ella Marie won «Stjernekamp» (Stars) Norways biggest TV- show, they have played at Norway Grammy Award, Nobel Peace Prize, and played around 30 festivals and 60 club shows. The frontwoman Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen (21 years) has become an important voice and role model for sami youths fighting for environment, sami traditions and how important it is that the sami people are proud of their history. Daniel (keys) has his roots from both Norway and Gambia and Aleksander (drums) is Greek- Norwegian, but all three live in Oslo, Norway.
2016: The vocalist and sami singer Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen won Sámi Grand Prix.
2017: Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen won Liet International and later the same year she started the band IS Á K. 2018: ISÁK performed at the Norwegian Grammy - Spellemannprisen in honor of Sami legendary singer
Mari Boine. The same year she won Stjernekamp, one of Norway’s biggest TV-shows and became the first Sami musican to win the contest. ISÁ K also played at Oslo World Festival for a sold out Blå (450 cap). ISÁK played at the Nobel Peace prize ceremony in Oslo.
2019: ISÁK released their debut album and toured around Norway and Sweden (30 festivals and 60 clubshows) Vocalist Ella Marie guested Alan Walkers singel «Lonely» (streamed 150 million)