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GH Accra – Worldmusic / ethno-fusion / Folk / afro jazz
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Integrated Music Company Limited is a Ghanaian content production entity which serves to enable and support the creation of musical products such as instruments, records, videos, concerts and published musical works for the commercial exploitation of the copyrights embodied in these products.

The label was founded in October 2008, and currently manages two acts; Tsooboi Ensemble and Integrated Roots Band.

The key roles we perform as a Music Company can be categorized into:


With investment, we take risks, performing the role of a Venture Capital for artists. It does not end there, we go on to spread a great percentage of this investment payoff back on the artist. In development, we invest over the lifespan of an artist, nurturing creativity. We bring to bear Artist & Repertoire (A&R) expertise and provide creative and logistical support. We have extensive marketing expertise which can augment that of artists and their managers.

Integrated Music Company Limited have vast networks of contacts and routinely open important doors. We allocate and commit marketing spend to artists campaigns. On the Commercial front, our entire organization is optimized to make artists make money. At Company level, we strike commercial deals with retail and service partners that extend an artist's route to market. At an artist level, we identify commercial opportunities with brands and other partners.


We hope to grow and become one of the major record companies in World Music, with most of the services required to turn a song into a mass-marketable item, existing within the structure of the company itself. (Vertical Integration).

To globally excel in all our business lines by way of focused innovation in Artist and Repertoire (A&R), Production, Publishing, Distribution, Marketing, Artist Management and Live Production.

We shall endeavour to create the necessary asset base and financial security typical of major record companies and thereby offer a stable environment to the shareholders.

To proactively grow and diversify with a clear vision to provide enhanced shareholder value in an ethical, professional and profitable manner.


We aim to be proactive and innovative. We will harness the best technologies and practices so as to stay relevant, efficient and competitive.

We shall be honest and morally courageous in carrying out our duties and be fair and above board in all our business dealings and relationships.

To our employees, we are committed to just management and equality of all; providing a safe and healthy workplace and respecting the feelings of the individual, i.e. his dignity and self-worth, his time and effort and his need to balance work and family life.

To our clients, we are committed to producing reliable products and services at a fair price that are delivered on time and within budget. We shall strive to serve them completely, courteously, and efficiently.

We shall persevere to excel in all areas of our work through continual learning and a positive work attitude.

To the community, in which we live and work, we are committed to be responsible neighbours, reflecting all aspects of good citizenship.

To our shareholders, we are committed to pursuing sound growth and exercising prudence in the use of our assets and resources.

We value teamwork, harmony and unity in our working relationships; and shall do our work with steadfastness and considerations for our colleagues and clients.