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Innersound - Jazz Jazz Soul Dream Pop Live Act in Tartu

Innersound Short Info

Innersound is a brand new group in the Estonian music scene. It consists of a mixture of dream-pop, soul and jazz with a minimal psychedelic influence which will take listeners to a separate world.
The music is full of energy and fasinates instantly.
The band was started by our vocalist Elina Hokkanen, whose drawer got filled with with ideas and music, which were ticking inside and waiting for resurrection. Powerful lyrics with a dreamy harmony had to be named Innersound, because this was our inner sound.

Past Gigs Innersound

  • 11 | 2014 Tartu, Estonia IdeeJazz '14

Discography Innersound

  • 2015 Innersound EP | Self-release


  • Sound Sky Is Shutting Me Down


  • Tartu EE


  • 2014


  • Elina Hokkanen vocals
  • Johannes Lass e. guitar
  • Karl Tammaru bass
  • Jan Kulbin drums

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