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Press-text-quotation-mark In 2008 at the young age of 16, british guitarist CJ (Chris William J.), son of English/German parents, left home and made his way to Hamburg.

There, he met Jonas Gabriel Günther, who
since 2004 has been playing the drums. After many daily sessions practicing, they both
decided to create their own band.

In 2009 they needed a bass player and a singer. Jonas involved his friend
André Angelo Augustin to play the bass guitar, but this didn‘t seem to harmonize.
After a lot of hard work and jam sessions, their taste of music was reaching the direction
of progressive metal.

In 2010 Adrian Koenig, a school friend of Jonas showed very much interest in the band and
after further rehearsals Adrian took the bass guitar in his hands!
At this stage the future band had no name. CJ‘s inspiration came alight, when he
was on a diving-weekend with his family and everybody was talking about InFlator. CJ asked
his father what it was and he explained that this is a piece of scuba diving equipment which
the diver needs to control his buoyancy under water.
CJ liked the name and christened the band InFlator. André, who was very often at rehearsals,
started to experiment and to produce sounds and beats with his laptop. They soon realized
that these sounds mixed with the band.

In 2011 and 2012 the music style changed from progressive metal to some kind of
alternative. At this point there were only 4 band members, and they realized that if this band
should survive, they needed a singer desperately. Even though they were advertising a lot, it
took a while to find a singer. But in the end, they were lucky.

In May 2012 Andi Si.(Andreas Siljuk) came along and did a singer casting performance.
Immediately after the first verse of the first song it was obvious that the search just ended
here. Andi‘s rap and singing skills really impressed everybody. From the personal aspect,
he perfectly fitted into the group, so they promptly decided to welcome him in their family.
On the 17th of May 2012 InFlator was complete.

In July 2014, lead singer Andi Si. decided to leave the band due to personal reasons and after
that InFlator had to start searching for a new frontman. Social Media platforms were used
and the video „singer wanted“ was uploaded, which caught Nik‘s attention. He came along
for an audition and amazed the band with his singing and after five rehearsals Nik was good
enough to play the whole show on March 21st, 2015. On April 4th, Nik became InFlator‘s new lead singer.