Illusive Circus

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Illusive Circus - Rock Progressive Rock Progressive Metal Live Act in Radebeul

Illusive Circus Short Info

Illusive Circus is a five-piece progressive rock/metal band located in Radebeul/Dresden Germany founded in fall of 2007. After two home-recorded albums the band first hit the studio in late 2010 to record their studio-debut "confessions in a dream", which was released in early 2011. In january of 2014 the fourth album, entitled 'all that we`ve learned', was put out.
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Discography Illusive Circus

  • 2014 All that we've learned Album |
  • 2011 Confessions in a dream Album |
  • 2009 Black is white Album |
  • 2008 Lighten shadows Album |


  • Sound prey
  • Sound all that we´ve learned
  • Sound All That We've Learned TEASER


  • Radebeul DE


  • 2007


  • Tobias Schröder Gesang
  • Bernhard Hintze Schlagzeug
  • Christian Quellmalz Gitarre
  • Holger Frenzel Keyboard/Synthesizer
  • Mike Jäger Bass