il pozzo di san patrizio
IT Salerno – Klezmer / Folk Rock / Folk-Punk / Rock / Melodic
il pozzo di san patrizio
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Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder LUCIDAMENTE Album 2006
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder ALTRI TEMPI Album 2003
UPR folk rock
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder HARD FOLK CAFE' Album 2008
EOW music
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder THE EYES OVER THE WORLD Album 2010
HYDRA music label
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder MISERABILANDIA Album 2014
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder IL POZZO DI SAN PATRIZIO Album 2001
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Press Text
"Il Pozzo di San Patrizio" gives you a free entry for: "MISERABILANDIA" the new album released of the italian folk band "IL POZZO DI SAN PATRIZIO" The voice announcing like an advertise regression spot - in the first track - introduce the listener into a Luna Park: a “strange place” where a colored and lightened carousel hide a different reality.

Atmosphere, sounds and texts represents one vision of the reality that grows and explode in a schizophrenic derision’s power that transforms ugly things in amazing things, through three differents conscience conditions: initial loss, self awareness, product solution.

The give off sound is an overwhelming energy mix of “strong rock” and “folk music” of Irish and Balkan’s matrix that reflects the sarcasm and the rage of a sadly festive’s atmosphere: music to dance and to think.

Hydra Music Label and Goodfellas distribution, “MISERABILANDIA” is an album completely registered “live in studio” and contains collaborations of the artists:

Luca Urbani (Soerba), wich sings the track “Il punto” and Nicodemo, speaking voice in “Bastian contrario”.

Il Pozzo di San Patrizio starts its activity in Salerno in 1997 with the aim of free drinking in exchange of music. Pub after pub, pint after pint, the band starts obtaining its own identity, based on the fusion of folk, of Irish and Balkan imprint, and rock without compromises. It starts its live activity playing in several pubs, clubs, festival and independent circuits:

In Europe:
F.I.M.U. (Belfort, France)
Melkweg (Amsterdam)
Patronaat (Harlem, NL) opening band for the Roy Paci & Aretuska concert
Zenith (Londra)
Folkwoods festival (Eindhoven, NL)
Oerol festival (Terschelling, NL), opening band for the Modena City Ramblers concert
Museum Festival (Frankfurt – Germany)
Stadtfest (Wittemberg – Germany)
Caffè Mokka (Thun – Swiss)
In Italy:
Irlanda in festa 2010 and 2011 editions – Palanord (Bologna)
Ariano Folk Festival – opening band for the Lou Dalfin concert
Negrofestival – opening band for the Goran Bregovic concert
Meeting del Mare 2013 – opening band for the Club Dogo concert
Piccolo Teatro Strehler (Milano)
Contestaccio (Roma)
Corallo (Scandiano – RE)
Arteria (Bo)
Cotriero (Lecce)

Il Pozzo di San Patrizio, played also as opening band in several concerts of international known artists as Folkabbestia, Bandabardò, 99Posse, 24 Grana, Raiz, James Senese and Napoli Centrale, Cisco.

The first homonym album, totally self – produced in 2001, was followed in 2003 by “Altri Tempi” and, in 2006, by “Lucidamente”, two albums recorded by the prestigious label Ethnoworld, Venus distribution. In 2008 it’s the time of “Hard Folk Café”, with the folk-rock Italian label UPR/Edel, album composed by new releases, some of the more loved hits of the band and a tribute to Vasco Rossi, with the song Cosa Succede in Città, sung in duet by Lino Vairetti, the singer of Osanna, historical group of the prog Italian scene.
In 2010, the band meets the Mali musician Baba Sissoko with whom they achieve the project “The eyes over the World”, which sees the fusion between the afro-beat sounds and the Irish folk-rock of the Pozzo. The formation currently meets with great success on the independent radio circuit, with their music being played on radios in France, Germany, Australia and the United States. In 2014 the new album “MISERABILANDIA” is out, Hydra music label, Good fellas distribution.It’s Italy, seen as a crumbling and grotesque amusement park where, behind a bright and lively front, a totally different reality is hiding.