I.F.Á. Afrobeat

Live Act Funk Afrobeat
I.F.Á. Afrobeat - Funk Afrobeat Live Act in Salvador

I.F.Á. Afrobeat Short Info

I.F.Á. Afrobeat presents a repertory inspired on musical diversity from african matrix alongside with its presence in the contemporary world. The band sails through the musical paths of the Black Atlantic, steeping into the universe of afrobeat, dub, reggae, funk and ijexá, an afro-brazilian rhythm, making a statement about the importance of music as a historical bond between the black cultures of diaspora.


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  • Salvador BR


  • 2013


  • Jorge Dubman drums
  • Fabricio Mota bass
  • Átila Santtana guitar
  • Prince Áddamo guitar
  • Alexandre Espinheira percussion
  • Matias Traut trombone
  • Normando Mendes trumpet
  • Vinicius Freitas baritone sax
  • Juliano Oliveira keyboards