Herzog Herzog

Live Act Electronica
Herzog Herzog - Electronica Live Act in Bratislava

Herzog Herzog Short Info

Herzog Herzog is a unique character at the local experimental scene. Rather than electronic music, we call it  “hardware based analogue synth investigation into classical music”. His specific musical approach is characterized by 8-bit sounds, crackling digital beats and powerful melodies.

Discography Herzog Herzog

  • 2013 Sitzfleisch. Album | Exitab
  • 2013 Urban Nova Single | Exitab
  • 2012 Sitzfleisch! EP EP | Exitab
  • 2011 inTHISposition Album | Exitab


  • Sound Don Salamander
  • Sound GeeM
  • Sound Leipzig
  • Sound Carbon Selector


  • Bratislava SK


  • 2009

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