How does gigmit make my life easier?

gigmit offers you the perfect application management platform for live booking online. The search option helps you to find exactly the artists you are looking for and you can instantly request them to play at your event. Offer a gig and find yourself browsing through a clearly structured list of possible artists in no time at all. Filter your proposals and choose your top act for the night.

Posting a gig takes only a few minutes and all the important facts are already listed. Artists see your event description before they apply and know exactly what to expect. Clear and straightforward communication from the start.

You will be conveniently informed every step of the way. Successful booking - fast and simple.

Follow up on an artist's application with an individual deal offer. The artist may conveniently sign online. The deal sheet is legally binding and you can add extra paragraphs during the negotiations.

Your easy to use gigmit dashboard always shows you the course of events and you can access all contracts at any time.

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