Live Act Techno House Electro Acid
Goldwiener - Techno House Electro Acid Live Act in Berlin

Goldwiener Short Info

Audio meets Visual

Goldwiener utilizes modular video and audio synthesizers in tandem and reacting with each other to generate an ever-flowing environment striking the audiences’ synapses in perfect unison. The music is the painter, and the operators are color palate selectors and mood shapers, tapping the abyssless feeds of voltages to create complex continumorphous sound and imagery.

What we do is unique.

We play live and analogue. We love to make people dance.

Past Gigs Goldwiener

  • 05 | 2015 Innsbruck, Austria Bassstube
  • 04 | 2015 Leipzig KH87
  • 04 | 2015 Stuttgart Kellerklub, with Andi Toma and Mr. Maloke
  • 04 | 2015 Berlin Loophole, Shameless/Limitless
  • 11 | 2014 Berlin Salon zur Wilden Renate, Whiskey/Tango/Foxtrott
  • 08 | 2014 Berlin Schokoladen
  • 05 | 2014 Berlin Raumerweiterungshalle


  • Sound Shake It To The Blimp (128BPM)
  • Sound Goldwiener Live Modular Aci...
  • Sound M.B.A. (134BPM)
  • Video Visual Cortex LZX Video Syn...


  • Berlin DE

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