Ginny Vee
IT Rome – Pop / Blues Rock / post dance / Acoustic Pop / Country
Ginny Vee


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Subside Records, Sony Music Entertainment Italy
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Everywhere Single 2018
Ginny Vee, distributed by Spinnup
4f3ccdc878a0ff0bbf448c1e05d46d5a35a97392 Heaven EP 2018
Subside Records snc, Sony Music Italy
3fefea3102e61080c3021b99030bdb8119d38d4f Love Strong (Manovski, Alan Aguero Spanish Mix) Single 2018
Subside Records snc
236797c20d8060f52ed9bd7ef1559de1540db2bb Love Strong (Offset Remix) Remix 2018
Do It Yourself Multimedia Group S.r.l. Unipersonale (Italy) under exclusive license from Subside Records S.n.c. / Disco:wax (Sony Music)
6da4db0b20f16d623e876909211c4c2cb01a8822 Give Me Dynamite Single 2016
Do It Yourself Multimedia Group S.r.l. Unipersonale (Italy) under exclusive license from Subside Records s.n.c.
05d4c26ed5d967768ff83dee27970cfe40189977 Give Me Dynamite (TuchPoint Remix) Single 2017
Subside Records S.n.c.
4ebdb6c34227a855f77e39b33095223149532354 Love Strong Single 2018
Subside Records s.n.c Distributed by Sony Music Entertainment Italy S.p.A.
A618eb409f3ce0496d09acddc59f61271079c6aa Love Strong (Manovski & Alan Aguero Edit) Single 2018
Subside Records s.n.c. under esclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment Italy S.p.a.
3305ff352a1efedf6f48d0c01515fbfeb9d617e5 Love Strong (Remix) Single 2018
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Press Text
Ginny Vee - Pop at its purest - She is a stunning music artist signed by Sony Music Italy / Disco:wax (Sony Music) / Subside Records.

Born in Italy - Lived in LA - With incredible vocals, stunning melodies this singer song writer is bringing a fresh sound to the global music scene.
Able to deliver different live performances based on different venues:
Unplugged as "Duo" with the guitarist Roberto L. Whiter - creating an intimate atmosphere for all venue's sizes.
With stems added as "Duo" with the guitarist Roberto L. Whiter - to deliver a richer sound and a "bigger" performance.
With Instrumentals as a "solo artist on stage".
With Instrumentals and a dance crew on stage for an incredibly entertaining live experience.