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Live at Heart 2019
Promoter is searching for Bands

Festival on 2019-09-04 - 2019-09-07 in Örebro , SE

The Live at Heart 2019 is seeking for Bands from the genres Brazilian Jazz, Vocal Jazz, Psychedelia, Chill Trap, sleaze, Dance-punk, Modern Folk, Irishpunk, Fuzz, Soundscape, SambaJazz, Post Folk, Rock/Blues, dixieland, Pop-noir, MusikPoesie, folk-blues, Smooth Jazz, African, free jazz, Psychedelic Pop, Alternative Folk, Roots Rock, Contemporary Classical, soul/jazz, Producer, Future Bass, Contemporary R&B, Alt-Pop, Afro, percussion , Rock and Roll, vj, Surf, Electro Funk, , Neo-Folk, Fingerstyle, Alt-folk, Psychedelic Folk , AOR, Bluespunk, Progressive Pop, Female, Desert Rock, Wave, French, Heavy Pop, Latin-Folk, Neo Soul, Rumba, Post Indie, Cinematic, afro jazz, Acid Rock , Cold Wave, Future House, Neo Thrash, Glitch, Black, Britrock, Jazz Fusion, Tribute, Punk-Pop, Modern Rock, IDM, Western, Art, Gypsy Swing, Southern Rock, Folk Pop, Bass, Afro-Pop, Pop Jazz, edm, Deep, Samba, World Jazz, Steampunk, Electro-Experimental, Alt-Country, Acid Jazz, A cappella, Spanish, New Folk, UK Bass, Dream, Irish Folk, Sleaze Rock, Tropical, Symphonic-Electronic, Piano, Latin-Fusion, Dark-Pop, Dark, Barock, Antifolk, Modern, Neo-Klassik, Songwriter, Dream Pop, Speedrock, Roots Reggae, Swing, Spacerock, Power Pop, Noir, Improvisation, Gypsy, Bluegrass, Black & Soul, Global Pop, Salsa, Psychodelic, Post, Jazz lounge , Alternative Punk, songwriting, Electro-acoustic, Urban, Romantic rock, modern creative, Lounge Jazz Pop, Industrial, Beats, Garage Rock, Party, Worldmusic, K-Pop, Ethnojazz, Electronic Indie, Avantgarde, Art-Pop, Experimental Pop, Psychedelic, Electro Jazz, Rocksteady, Nu Funk, Live, R&B, Boogie, Adult Rock, Kraut Rock, Roots, Postpop, Latin Acoustic, Acoustic Rock, Acid, Alternative Funk, Unplugged, Skatepunk, Crossover, Alternative Country, Fusion, Classics, Glam Rock, Cover, Stoner Rock, Reggae, Hip Hop, Ska, Soul, Alternative Rock, Rock, Britpop, Punk, Jazz, Rockabilly, Rock ’n’ Roll, Worldbeat, College Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Gospel, Afro-Cuban, Noise Rock, Beat Musik, Klassik, Psychobilly, Post-Grunge, skindie, Southern Soul, Psychedelic Western Pop, Synth-Rock, Nordic, Free Improvisation, Alternative Hip-Hop, Alt-Rock, Dance Rock, Epic Rock, garage blues, Latin, Acoustic Pop, Folk-Punk, Breakbeat, Synthiepop, Funk, Shoegaze, Rhythm & Blues (R&B), Pop, Gypsy Jazz, Classical Crossover, Indietronica, Afrobeat, Experimental, Drum ’n’ Bass, Rap, Acoustic, Indiepop, Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Ambient, Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Grunge, Avantgarde Jazz, Avantgarde Pop, Electro Swing, Gipsy Swing, Folk Rock, Blues, Post-Industrial, Mediterranean, Electro Percussive Beats, Afro-Latin, Liveact , Contemporary Jazz, Romantik, Post Vintage, Post Progressive, New Prog, New Orleans Rock 'n' Roll, Modern Jazz, Latin Jazz, Jazzrock, Indie space rock, Evergreens, Electro Rock, Club, Cabaret, Beatdown, Artrock, Ambient Improvisation, Calypso, Urban Folk, Americana, Alternative Pop, Musical, Electro-Wave-Rock, Classicrock, Skapunk, Noisepop, Instrumental, Hillbilly, ethno-fusion, New Wave, Nu Jazz, Alternative, Postrock, RnB, Geige/Violine, Klavier/Piano, Akustik/A cappella, Country, Electropop, Guitar pop, Experimentel, Indie, Afro Soul, Progressive, Indie/Alternative.

Live at Heart is a Swedish showcase festival. It contains around 200 acts and around 500 concerts in 30 venues in 4 days. This is the 10th anniversary of the festival. Check out our homepage for more information on what we are looking for and how our festival is built:
Since 2017 Live at Heart is part of the Innovation Network of European Showcases.

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