Genuine Jacks
SK Prague – Punk / Alternative / Stoner Rock / Psychedelic / Garage Rock
Genuine Jacks
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Genuine Jacks - Creep Lover (Official Video)

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Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Blueberry Wine Tales Album 2014
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Analog Love EP 2012
Tabačka Records
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Candyland Album 2016
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Press Text
“The Pop Nirvana drive combined with the echoes of the best 60s and 70s proto-punk beats as a cornerstone of the band, which clearly demonstrates, that one does not have to experience the 90s, to play them better than 99% of the flagship Burger Records bands.

Occasional smell of the Black Sabbath is then just an icing on the cake.“

Joined by the fourth member, their signature garage rock sound slowly moves towards psychedelia and pop. Their upcoming album "Turning Monochrome" is coming out this fall. The album was produced by Jakub Kaifosz (Lazer Viking, Wild Tides) and Charles Rowell (The Crocodiles).

"Juraj and I went through the purgatory," said Lazer Viking in Full Moon #95, who produced the Genuine Jacks upcoming album. "The recording is great because it captures the band as it abandons all its practices and has to cope with that it has far more to offer than ever expected."

The quartet has been cruising the Slovak and Czech club scene for quite some time, playing around 40 club shows a year, the stage feels for the band like home.

Genuine Jacks have recently showcased at the Sharpe Festival (2019) in Bratislava. "Some acts are worthy of international fame and this is one of them." stated by Nigel Carr in his review on Louder Than War ( The band has also played two of the Slovakia finest summer music festivals - Grape (2017) and Pohoda (2018) and many smaller ones. The band's raw and energetic show caught an attention of Derek Robertson, who have mentioned Genuine Jacks in the article about Pohoda festival 2018 in The Independent (

Genuine Jacks opened shows for bands like Ron Gallo, Stoned Jesus, Allah-Las, Pontiak, Repetitor, and Jacuzzi Boys.