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GagReflex - Alternative Noise Rock Rock Alternative Rock Punkrock Live Act in Cheltenham

GagReflex Short Info

‘A two-headed punk rock machine - small enough to tour in a car; big enough to take your face clean off’

Spawned from the ashes of a band that imploded trying to write the most complicated songs known to man, the two heads that are GagReflex decided that they needed a new MO. Enter a new approach - brave, obtuse, defiant, yet simpler, and more fun - bass and drums - that's all you need, right? GagReflex thought so and got cracking on that basis. A fresh new blend emerged - absolute punk rock, with alternative pop tendencies - something to leave an odd but addictive taste on the palate.

The lineup never got finished. It never will.


  • Sound Faith, Like A Jackal
  • Sound My Disregards
  • Sound Earth Fault Develops


  • Cheltenham GB


  • 2010


  • Seb Goffe Drums
  • Stu Hawkins Bass/Vocals