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Perfect boy (Black Version)

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New World Order / Escena Oscura Mexicana II
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Perfect boy Single 2021
Escena Oscura Mexicana IV
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Secretly Single 2023
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder After the rain - Invincible Remix 2016
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Press Text
Starting as a synthpop-like project, FOCO has transformed itself into a multi-facetted act with a strong focus on songwriting and a characteristic sound design.

Be it synthesizer, metallic sounds, orchestra or guitars: anything that makes sound or noise, is a potential candidate to be used in a FOCO song or performance. Unlike the majority of electronic acts, FOCO sounds are rather created and/or transformed instead of being selected out of an evergrowing market of sound libraries available to everyone.

The result is a unique melange of melody and soundscape, almost always located inside a world of darkness.

FOCO was initially created by EOX, who´s real name is Roger Schumann, a producer, performer and musician from Germany. After his initial activities, which were mainly producing songs to be released on compilations or create remixes for other artists (more on that in RELEASES) , FOCO has become a three-piece act, with REEK and SDAC as its latest members.

REEK is an accomplished producer and sound designer, who´s primary instrument used to be the guitar, but who now focusses himself on synthesizers.

SDAC, also a very prolific guitarrist on its own, also chose to change his instrument, in his case to drums.

As wide as FOCO´s instrumentarium, is the range of styles and artists, who influenced FOCO and helped to make them so unique: ranging from Depeche Mode with its unconventional approach to sound design (most notable on their releases from the 1980s and 1990), through Bjork with her outside-the-box thinking album POST, through Prodigy´s latest releases, up to Gary Numan´s ear-opening album "Savage: Songs From a Broken World", all these and other artists have left an imprint on the sound of FOCO. And FOCO´s story is just beginning...

Currently available are the EP "Promotional", which contains 4 songs from FOCO´s (live) catalogue. It will soon been joined by their singles "Depending on you" and "Perfect boy", both to be taken from their debut album GERMAN ANGST, which is expected to be released later in 2024.

At this very moment FOCO is working on its new album as well as preparing live shows.


EOX: vocals, production
REEK: keyboards
SDAC: drums