Live Act Stoner Rock Alternative Psychedelic Spacerock Drone
FLUM - Stoner Rock Alternative Psychedelic Spacerock Drone Live Act in Udine

FLUM Short Info

FLUM are 3 musicians who play music directly from their D.N.A.
Their songs keep the listener to an inner dimension where lots of treasures can be found.
Emotions start running and the spirit of each one dances in the ether.

FLUM are
Lloyd: shamanic drums
Juliette: space synthesizer
Bafio: stoner baritone guitar

We have just recorded our brand new album!
It will be soon available here http://www.soundcloud.com/shamanicflum
You'll be able to buy it here http://www.flum.bandcamp.com and on our live shows!

FLUM, stay forever tuned!

Past Gigs FLUM

  • 10 | 2016 Bar Visionario Udine (IT) FLUM Live show
  • 07 | 2016 Potok/Stregna (UD) FLUM live

Discography FLUM

  • 2016 Platform Single |


  • Video FLUM - Destruction derby - ...
  • Sound Platform
  • Media Shell island

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  • Lloyd shamanic drums
  • Juliette space synthesizer
  • Bafio stoner baritone guitar

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