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FLOOD besteht seit Ende 2013.

Aus einem Projektvorhaben entstand schnell eine richtige Band mit hohem kreativen Output. Bereits ein gutes Jahr später stand das erste komplett selbst produzierte Album "Birth" in den Startlöchern, das im Januar 2016 veröffentlicht wurde. Ihr Genre bezeichnen FLOOD "Nu Grunge", da ihre Musik nicht nur von Grunge Bands der 90er sondern auch von aktuellem Stoner und Progressive Rock beeinflusst wird. Zur Zeit arbeiten FLOOD an neuem Songmaterial für das nächste Album. Nach erfolgreichen Club - und Festivalgigs im Rhein Main Gebiet möchten sich FLOOD nun auch bundesweit etablieren.

In December of 2103, 4 guys got together for a jam session in a practice room in Wiesbaden, Germany. They met again in the Spring of 2014 and continued to jam together.. As they seemed to pass well together musically they decided that the jam sessions could become a project.
So they started stucturing their ideas and started writing songs. They did not follow a certain plan but just let the music lead them and had 6 songs together in a relatively short time.
At this point a decision had to be made! Were they going to be appeased with playing 1-2 gigs a year as a warm-up band for others or go full blown with this project and make it a full fledged band.
As you can „hear“ on their outstanding debut album „BIRTH“ – released in January, 2016, the guys decided to make „the project“ a band. The album shows the diverse influences of such bands as Stone Temple Pilots, Prong, Alice in chains, Pictures Eleven, Kyuss and many more in it’s sound. The CD was self recorded and mixed from Axel – who is the bands guitarist as well as sound technician. FLOOD wanted to have an original/unmistakeable sound for the CD instead of having an overly produced Megasound that would not have captured the bands true musical presence.
The band has been playing successfully in the Rhein-Main area for the last two years but, is feeling the need to expand their boundries and bring their music to other crowds and clubs in the rest of the free world. ROCK ON!