Flight 15

Live Act Alternative Rock Math-Rock Melodic
Flight 15 - Alternative Rock Math-Rock Melodic Live Act in Birmingham

Flight 15 Short Info

Flight 15 are a hard hitting, 3 piece alternative rock band with math rock attributes who formed in late 2013, with influences coming from the likes of Arcane Roots and Biffy Clyro. Flight 15 developed an energetic stage presence from 'amazing' and 'sizzling' performances, which are always developing. The band also continued to write original and exciting material through the year that includes different time signatures, catchy riffs and big choruses.

Discography Flight 15

  • 2016 The Journey EP | Unsigned
  • 2014 End It Now Single | Unsigned


  • Video Flight 15| End It Now


  • Birmingham GB


  • 2013


  • Joel Hughes Vocals, Guitar
  • Sam Thomas Bass, Vocals
  • Jonny Edwards Drums, Vocals

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