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Fabich Music under exclusive licence of Unity Records
Ab67616d0000b273850f87462d01b2bfebf0e450 What I Wanted (feat. Moli) Single 2018
Ab67616d0000b2732eb1e231c54e9b1d72796f41 Overtime Single 2018
Ab67616d0000b273430c234df72016e0c39f3ec5 On My Mind Single 2018
Boys Next Door / Unity Records
Ab67616d0000b273c41263b18a730265a0f4c681 Lessons in Love Single 2019
Ab67616d0000b2738fd1e5289de048d346c609b8 Talk to Me Single 2018
Ab67616d0000b2732bf09da904a3d44fb6478961 Talk to Me (The Remixes) Single 2018
Boys Next Door under exclusive license to Unity Records
Ab67616d0000b2737e5f17027c3a7c8563ba48bb Can't Even Be Single 2019
Ab67616d0000b273b254b3d02032f34198ac6f4b Hundred Single 2019
F162342f4339028b40417274e35fece3cc0dadb9 Ecstasy Single 2019
POTION / SpinninRecords.com
Ab67616d0000b2736bb9e15a60460a8befbf17af Stay (feat. Dana Williams) Single 2019
Ab67616d0000b2739d9b3180abf5319a42cf7ba5 Stay (feat. Dana Williams) [Cassian Remix] Single 2019
Fabich under exclusive licence to Unity Records
Ab67616d0000b27351562efb41ca89ed63df7d97 Friend's Story Single 2018
Robbins Entertainment LLC
Ab67616d0000b273cd789b5183cc0117bb665353 Fluid (feat. Iris Gold) Single 2018
Unity Records
Ab67616d0000b273652ed48c94dd3993ec2b99ba Time Single 2018
Bad Boy Records LLC for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the United States.
Ab67616d0000b273ad07169206b9c9a622933e4f I Like That (Fabich Remix) Single 2018
Hear This Records
Ab67616d0000b273caeae8fc4a32992255d51ad0 Never Too Late - Remixes Single 2018
SAINT WKND & FABICH under exclusive license to Unity Records.
Ab67616d0000b27354c79a57e6a28e8319e2b87f Elevation Single 2019
Boys Next Door under exclusive licence to Unity Records
Ab67616d0000b273a95373d2600c95f773ac97dc Hundred (Remixes) Single 2019
F217f30fba95f5df4e719c604df84f0a4664b608 Lonely (Fabich Remix) Single 2019
Twin Theory and Fabich under exclusive license to Unity Records
8123cc0b789099c7b786c07cd9e589bdc7221a18 Dial Me Single 2019
No Agency
Unity Group
Press Text
Starting out playing music at five years old, Fabich became something of a prodigy, experiencing his first US chart success working as a record producer for platinum-selling RnB and soul singer-songwriter Lyfe Jennings at the age of just 19.

From there the production work flooded in and he became a go-to for some of the biggest US urban and pop chart toppers.
Now, having notched up a few more years as a successful record producer for other artists, Fabich has made the move to London and released his debut single "Hold on" on Island Records in 2017. The song’s video, directed by Ollie Wolf of Caviar, went on to be nominated tor a UK VMA. Inspired in equal measure by art, design and music, Fabich is as likely to cite influences from Takashi Murakami, Jean Julien as he is Pharrell Williams and early Timbaland. As a producer, he celebrates electronic music, funk, soul and hip hop, tying them together effortlessly in his music and through his 12 Tracks Tape series of mixtapes.

The London-based record producer is forging his own unique path. Stitching together elements from his past and drawing on the creativity around him, Fabich’s project is as much about art and design as it is about the music. Truly an expression of every type of art that he loves, Fabich’s music, just like the man behind it, has plenty to say.